USD is Chicago's premier interior demolition specialist. We have provided these services for over 30 years and have learned the skills, perfected the techniques and purchased the specialized tooling and equipment that achieve our high level of performance.

USD dedicates estimators to interior demolition assignments assuring that our customers receive detailed and accurate bids on their projects on time.

Awarded projects are supervised by USD's General Superintendent, Cleo Blue who has over 25 years field experience on interior demolition projects.



Schedule critical shut down work during plant outages are our specialty. USD has a long history of operations in the Power and Automotive industries and utilizes these same skills as they apply to all industrial removal projects.

Safety is always the top priority.

High Performance is also a trademark of USD's industrial equipment removal group. We fully understand the unique responsibilities of the lead contractor on industrial work.



USD has demolished thousands of structures. Entire manufacturing facilities like Chrysler's Kenosha Assembly plant and notorious Chicago buildings like The Chicago Stadium and Al Capone's south side headquarters have met their makers shortly after meeting with USD.





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