On this project Research Cottrell had already installed replacement precipitators adjacent to our work area and the new outlet ductwork to the stack and support steel completely surrounded the precipitators we were contracted to remove.

USD set up one of the cranes inside this enclosed work area and set up the other crane outside the area and engineered and numbered each pick with a lifting plan that detailed which crane was to make each lift and bring out the largest sections possible.

At the end of the project, the inside ringer crane was dismantled by USD and lifted up and over the new ductwork using the outside ringer crane.

Collector plates are removed in bundles leaving steel framework
Inside crane lifts out unit 2A divider wall section while outside crane begins unit 2B precip roof section lifts
USD high burner sets up for collector plate and wall section picks.
Inside Manitowac 4100 Series 2 modified crane on ringer.
As the radius of the lift allowed heavier picks wall sections were combined. Inside ringer flys out closest collector section.
Hopper sections are readied and the hoisted up and over
Crane house from dismantled inside ringer is lifted out by the second ringer while footings and foundations are broken up and loaded out.

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